Premiere Pro - How to Delete Premiere Pro Cache Data

Premiere Pro - How to Delete Premiere Pro Cache Data

What is it?

Every time you import a file into a Premiere Pro project, various types of media cache files are created. 
The trouble is, that after some time or a big project, the Media Cache can using the full capabilities of the hard drive space or sometimes a lot of it.
 Delete the cache can be very helpful to prevent slow down your hard drive and workflow.

Remove Media Cache files

Open up Premiere Pro and go to Premiere >>  Preferences >> Media Cache.

 Open up Premiere Pro and go to Edit >> Preferences >> Media Cache.
Press the Delete button.

The dialog box will appear and you can choose one of the below options:

Delete unused media cache files: Deleting unused media cache files removes files that were created for source media that can no longer be found.

Delete all media cache files from the system: Deleting all media cache files deletes all cache files from the current location. Deleted cache files are recreated automatically whenever source media requires them. To remove all media cache files, restart Premiere Pro, and select this option before opening any project.

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