Massive Dynamic - Portfolio detailes

Massive Dynamic - Portfolio detailes

This article is a complete guide for the portfolio.
create new portfolio posts

1. Login to the WordPress dashboard

2. Navigate to WordPress dashboard >> Portfolio >> add new

3. Give a name for this portfolio item

4. Add this item to a portfolio skill(category) or create a new skill for it

  For creating skills:
   Navigate to WordPress dashboard >> Portfolio >> skills

5. Upload a featured image for this item, it’s used as portfolio thumbnail

6. Now, for portfolio detail page you can choose "static layout" or "shortcode base" from the content-type option.

  Static Layout:
  You can choose between the premade layout from the "portfolio template" option.

  Related Items:
 Show or Hide the "More projects" section at the end of the portfolio detail page.
 The "More projects" section display items which have the same skill as the main item.

  Portfolio Link Text:
  The text of the link that put on the portfolio detail page.

  Portfolio Link URL:
 The URL of the Portfolio Link Text.

 Portfolio Description:
 The description of the portfolio item.

  Create an attribute, set title, value and icon for it.
 For more than one attribute, press the "Add More Attribute" button.

  Set an image for the portfolio detail page
 For more than one image, press the "Add More image" button.

 Shortcode Base:
 You can create your own layout using a back-end editor or Massive Builder.
 Create a portfolio detail page by using Massive Dynamic shortcodes.

7. In the end, click the publish button.

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