Motion Factory - Troubleshooting

Motion Factory File Manager - Troubleshooting

This article can help you to use Motion Factory when you are seeing the following issues:

1- Restart error appear

2- Impossible to login in Motion Factory

3- Impossible to use the import button

4- Motion Factory blank window

5 - Import button does not work at all



First step :

Please deactivate any security system available on your system and then check again if the Motion Factory works fine or not



Second step :

 1- Make sure you haven't set any character except numbers and letters for the windows username or mac username. (It isn't related the Motion Factory username)

If you've set the special characters for the username, you can change it or create another username and install Motion Factory again.


Third step :

Be sure that you are using AE or PR 2017.1 and above ( we recommend 2018 and 2019 )

Now in rare situation you need to copy a file manually so please follow the steps depends on the OS you are using :


MAC devices:

1- Download the attached file "".

2- Extract it.

3- Copy the folder into /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/Plug-ins/7.0/MediaCore


WINDOWS devices:

1- Download the attached file "MotionFactory100.aex".

2-  Copy the file into C:\Program Files\Adobe\Common\Plug-ins\7.0\MediaCore\


After that please restart AE and PR to see if the issue happens again or not.



Fourth step :

Now if none of above option works please download our iPC files from following link

Extract the downloaded file and now

if you are using Windows Os just double click on ipc.exe file and wait for "server running:" to appear , after that close AE or PR and motion factory and run them again to see if there is any improvement.


if you are using MacOs move the ipc file ( the one without the extension ) to your desktop and then open your system terminal and enter following command 

Sudo ~/Desktop/ipc

 now your system ask for your account password , enter it and hit enter to run the ipc file , now restart AE or PR and check Motion Factory again


if you have any further questions please visit our help center.

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