Typoking Introduction and Installation

TypoKing Introduction & Installation

About TypoKing

TypoKing is a plugin that lets you easily create quality text animation and kinetic typography for both After Effects and Premiere Pro projects. It's an ultimate tool for animated typography. Build beautiful pre-animated types and customize it with your own words, Change the color, duration, and font with just a few clicks and get the best text animation & typographical results.

After Effects Installation

For installing the TypoKing plugin, follow this article's instructions.

Installing Fonts

To install all fonts you must download them from here first,

Put "0" in the price box and download it for free.

Unzip the fonts and install them by double-clicking.

Premiere Pro Installation

1. Please unzip the file you have downloaded from Envato. ( VideoHive)

2. Find this folder: Typoking Essential Graphics.

3. Open it, you should see the Typoking folder again.

4. Copy this folder.

5. Paste it into this path:
Windows: C:\Users\"your username"\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Common\Essential Graphics
Mac: user/"your name"/Library/Application Support/ Adobe/Common/Essential Graphic

Premiere Pro Installation by Using Motion Factory 

1- Download and Install the free Motion Factory extension.

2- Close and re-open Adobe Software to apply changes.

3- In Premiere Pro, Open Motion Factory from this path:

Windows > Extensions > Motion Factory

4- Import the Premiere Pro CC2019+ folder to the Motion Factory Plugin
How It Works

Type Box: Customize your types and type your own words from this field.

Functionality Buttons:

Current: Fetch the text of active comp into the “Type Box”.

Apply: After typing your text, click on apply to insert it to the comp.

Reset: Reset the “Type Box” to the default text. 

Categories: Navigate through all categories.

Items: List of all Available expansion packs, click to purchase them.


Creating Your First Animated Typography

Hover over one of the items.

The Create button will appear on.

Click on the create button to create your typography.

Color Setting

Click on an item that you want.

Click on comp and click on Color Setting.

Customize the colors of each comp and change the setting which you want.

Note: You can open the comp of the type you’ve created and press ”F3” on your keyboard to open the setting panel.


Insert Your Text
Select the comp and then click on the Current button, This will fetch the texts of your selected composition.

Type your text instead of the current ones. ( don't forget to put a comma between words, the comma means space)

Press the Apply button to apply your changes.

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