Motion Factory Classic - Particle Builder Introduction and Installation

Motion Factory Classic - Particle Builder Introduction & Installation

What is a Particle Builder?

Make Fire, Dust, Smoke, Magic, Energy, Awards and Other Visual Effect Particles With Just 1 Click

Alpha: This tool lets you apply disintegration to your text, logo & images
Brush: With this tool, you can easily brush an area with the desired particle
Point: Use 2 or more points to make your particle moves on a path
Switch: Switch currently applied particle with new particle on the same path or brush strokes


System Requirements

Before using Particle Builder you need to check if you have all of these requirements below:

Ram: 8GB

CPU: Anything 64-Bit

Hard Space: 2GB

After Effects CC2018 or Later

Red Giant Trapcode Particular 3.1.x

Mac OS10.8.5 and Later

Windows 7 64-Bit or Later


When you download and install Motion Factory Classic toolkit, you automatically gain access to Particle Builder and you can use a free starter pack.

If you haven't installed Motion Factory Classic yet you can download it from here.

Installing Premium Packs

When you use Particle Builder you can notice that some of the items are locked. These locked items are the premium packs of Particle Builder that you need to purchase from links below:

NOTE: In Magical and Elemental Packs you can find two folders. Choose the right package based on your version of Trapcode Particular.

To learn more about downloading and installing Premium Packs and unlock items Read This

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