Motion Factory Classic - HiTech Builder Introduction and Installation

Motion Factory Classic - HiTech Builder Introduction & Installation

About Hi-Tech Builder

Hi-Tech Builder is a Hi-Tech Builder is a handy tool to create Sci-Fi  H.U.D elements and futuristic shapes for Motion Pictures, Promotional Videos, Presentations, Ads at etc… 

Hi-Tech Builder currently has one premium pack that called Quantum Pack.


When you download and install Motion Factory Classic toolkit, you automatically gain access to Hi-Tech Builder and you can use a free starter pack.

If you haven't installed Motion Factory Classic yet you can download it from here.


Installing Quantum Pack

When you use Hi-Tech Builder you can notice that some of the items are locked. These locked items are the premium pack of HiTech Builder that you need to purchase from here.
There are 52 files inside the downloaded package of Quantum Pack. Select all, and drag and drop them on Motion Factory Panel. This pack contains large files so the installation of Quantum Pack takes a couple of minutes to finish, Please be patient!

To learn more about downloading and installing Premium Packs and unlock items Read This