Massive Dynamic - Use Plugins Are Included

Massive Dynamic - Use Plugins Are Included

When you install Massive Dynamic, a message appears in the admin dashboard of WordPress and asks you to install required and recommended plugins. Some of these plugins are included in the file and some of them are on the WordPress plugin repository.

Also when you want to import the demo, a message appears in the demo importer panel and want you to install some plugins, these plugins are Massive Dynamic included plugins.

You can install and activate them by following this article steps.

Here is a brief description of each plugin that appears in the message:

WPBakery Visual Composer: This a premium plugin for adding content and creating the layout in pages. If you want to use a back-end builder, you should install this plugin.

Contact Form 7: This is a free plugin for creating contact forms in WordPress. You need to install this plugin for using contact form shortcode.

Go Pricing: A premium plugin for creating price tables.

MailChimp for WordPress Lite: This plugin helps you create subscribe forms. For using subscribe shortcode, you need to install this plugin first.

Master Slider: Great premium plugin for creating sliders in a WYSIWYG environment.

Revolution Slider: A popular and powerful premium plugin for creating sliders. Most sliders on our demo websites are using this plugin.

Mail chimp: Great plugin that lets you stay in touch with groups of people via email.

Ninja popup:  allows you to show any Ninja Forms in Popup/Modal.

WP Forms: This is a great plugin for creating contact forms in WordPress.

Share Buttons by AddToAny: A great plugin for sharing your content on social networks. To share blog and portfolio posts, you need to install this plugin.

 WooCommerce: One of the best plugins on the WordPress platform. If you want to start an online shop, you need to install this plugin first, also product and product category shortcode work with this plugin.

 **Important: Please note that you don’t need to install all these plugins. In fact, installing all of them together might increase the load time of your website.

Installing included plugins:

1. Login to the Wordpress dashboard

2. Navigate to the appearance >> install plugins

3. There you can see the list of the plugins.

4. Press the install button of the plugin which you want.

5. After installing the plugin, you return back to the "install plugins" panel to activate the plugin.

5. Then you can see the plugin which you've activated on the WordPress dashboard >> plugins >> installed plugins.

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