Massive Dynamic - Contact Form7 Templates

Massive Dynamic - Contact Form7 Templates

There are three different templates for contact form7 in Massive Dynamic.

Business layout

Modern layout

Classic layout

In this article, we'll explain how you can use them.

Import the Contact Form7 layouts:

1. Install and activate contact form7 from WordPress dashboard >>  appearance >> install plugins
Check this link to see how you can install the Massive Dynamic included plugins.

2. Download the attached file and extract it.

3. Navigate to the WordPress dashboard >>  tools >> import

4. Press Install Now of the Wordpress

5. Press run importer of it and import the file which you've downloaded.

6. Then you can see the Contact Form layouts from WordPress dashboard >> contact >> contact forms

7. Edit the form which you want and fill the Mail requirements fields based on the fields name which you see at the top of the mail tab.

Set Contact form7 into the page:

1. Open the page which you want to set the contact form into the "edit content" mode.

2. Press the plus button at the bottom corner of the page and find the contact shortcode.

3. Drag & Drop it into the page.

4. Open the setting panel of it and set the contact form which you want.

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